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Name: Craig Shields
Comments: StarLight is fantastic for kids that are just starting out and want to have fun. It's great for making friends and for getting a basic foundation of what to do in a production. Plus, any other childrens' theatre group will be more expensive with less results (who else gets to perform in the Armstrong Theater with full sets, costumes, and lighting?). But anyway, besides the fact that I'm way biased, StarLight is a second family. I'll remember my 13-or-so shows with them for the rest of my life. Get into it!

Name: Coleen Larson
Comments: It is really super fun I encourage everyone to do it it is a great experience for kids and teenagers.

Name: Lesley Boyland
Comments:I just wanted to thank you for the voice over classes which Susannah really enjoyed and to let you know she would love to take the second session. I was very impressed with your delightful studios and the warmth and the enthusiasm evident there.

Name: Laura Wise
Comments:Nancy, I just wanted to pass on the compliments that I had come my way through friends and family to you and the crew. What we saw from the audience was really electrifying in terms of energy and talent. One friend of mine commented that he had never been to the Armstrong before and seen these productions and now he says to "sign him up as early as possible for any future productions" he was so impressed by these kids... and he is the commander of our Church's kids program- Awana! He was only able to get a ticket from someone who didn't show up because he waited to late and all the original tickets were sold out!...

Name: L. Morton-Carbone
Comment: The StarLight website is awesome! Very imformative and beautiful and professional done! I found the "info" that I needed without having to bother you with a phone call. Many thanks for your great company.
also taken from letter- The classes and theatre productions at StarLight Productions has been one of the most enjoyable and positive activities for our son Daniel. He is always happy and excited to attend the classes, and thrilled for the chance to perform. "Miss Nancy" knows how to bring out the best of the kids talents, and to have them work hard, but be glad to be doing so. I would highly recommend StarLight Productions to the parents of any kids wishing for professional quality acting lessons.

Name: Kathy Reaza-Washington
Comments: I'm so proud that my daughter Kami Washington was involved in such a well done play. It has a been a great experience and confident builder for her. Our family and friends were totally astounded with such a well done production. Once again, Thank you!!! I can't say/write enough!

Name: Maggie Myers
Comments: My daughter Ally Myers first started with the Torrance youth theatre program as a 6th grader new to the community. She immediately found friendship, support, encouragment and a sense of belonging. As she continued with StarLight Productions she grew in confidence and also in talent. The opportunity to perform in front of a live audience inspired her to be her best. She has grown in her desire to try new forms of creative expressions because of the nurturing she recieved from the StarLight staff. She is entering high school with self-assurance and enthusiasm. I am so greatful to StarLight Productions for the time, energy and attention they have given Ally.

Name: Karen Ragsdale
Comments: taken from Karens letter- I just wanted to pass on a message to you and your theatre group. My mom told me she and 60 of her senior citizen friends saw the play "Hello Dolly". She told me that EVERY ONE loved the production!!! My mom wants to know the next production is that you'll be putting on? She and her friends would like to go again.

Name: Alison Schiller
Comments: My first show with StarLight was awesome, and they keep getting better and better. The staff is great and the show quality is amazing. The classes at StarLight Studios helped me alot and now I get lead roles!

2nd testimonial:
I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great company! The staff is great and the experience is the best part! after the show you just don't want to leave your friends and directors! If you haven't done a show with starlight your definitely missing out on something special.

Name: Charley & Kelley
Comments: taken from letter- We want you to know that we think you have a special gift. You have vision to see a finished product before any of the rest of us can see it, and you have the preseverance to push ahead no matter what. But most importantly, you have the ability to see something special in every child who comes into the program, and to make every child believe he or she can do anything. Your company is one of a kind, and although you're always careful to thank us, we also should be thanking you.

Name: Cindy Shields
Comments: taken from letter- As a parent, I've happlily watched my childrens love for the arts and their own talents bloom. StarLight has provided a safe, nurturing niche for them to grow both emotionally and creatively as well as form lasting friendships. We are so greatful that such a wonderful opportunity exists so close to home! As a volunteer who is frequently at rehearsals, I seen the benefits of the program for all the participants. This is largely due to the devoted and capable hands of its director, Nancy Freytes-Gomez. I can't sing enough praises for this incredible lady!

Name: Megan Johnson
Comments: Starlight was probably the best experience of my life. I met some of the greatest people I'll ever know, and learned all the basics in acting and performing on stage. I love every minute of performing whether I was a lead role, or an ensemble, Starlight is definitely the only youth production company I would ever think to go to if I had a chance to go back in time and join one once again as a young aspiring actress.

Name: Kimmy Shields
Comments: I just want to say, Starlight is an amazing company with a lot of amazing people. I can't express in words how thankful I am to them for all the wonderful opporutunities and amazing things I've gotten to learn in my years with them. I can't wait to do more with Summer, Nancy, Nicole, Tiffany and the rest of the Starlight Crew.

Name: Rebekah Wallin
Comments: I'm so happy that I was introduced to StarLight. I'd heard about it from some friends and finally decided to check it out. I have found a wonderful family who will always be there no matter what. They have renewed my passion and joy in theatre and the performing arts. Their staff has pushed me beyond what I thought were my limits and brought me to places I never thought I could reach. I have renewed confidence in myself and my abilities. StarLight has had and continues to have an amazing impact on my life. I am so thankful to have found them and am forever indebt.

Name: Tara Lara
Comments: Over the past 4 years I have been with Starlight, I have come to understand a deeper knowledge behind the basics of musical theatre! But even with that said, I am not giving Starlight Productions justice. Starlight is not only a place where you can receive an excellent range of studies and experience with musical theatre, but more importantly, it is a place of family. I have meet amazing people and some of my closest friends from Starlight! I am a believer that Starlight Productions will grow bigger and faster than any of the staffs expectations because of the entire package that is presented when one joins the "family"! I Love you all so much!!! Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Name: Brandon Gomez
Comment: Hey everyone this is B. I would just like to say that Starlight is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I really don't know what I would have done if I never had it. At StarLight I just have a great time because I have all my friends there and I could be myself and no one will make fun of me because they are all like me. I just love StarLight and everything it gives to me as a person and actor. I love my StarLight family and I don't know where I would be without it. I also know that people under estimate our shows because we are kids, But we are great kids that do fantastic shows at the Armstrong Theatre with professional lights sounds and sets. I love StarLight and all the staff and I would like to thank all of you for being there for me my whole life, I love you. Before I go I would like to thank Ms. Nancy for all of the time and efforts she puts into the company and I love you. Everyone in the world should sign up for a StarLight show!!!!

Name: Danny Carbone
Comments: Friendship, Love, Family, Relationship, Starlight represents it all! :) Most definately the best youth production company imaginable! Always full of delightful experiences, and "good times", a place where everyone forms friendships, and becomes like a real family. Starlight is and always will be the most wonderful childhood-experience I ever had! Starting out as an ultra-shy 10 year old in 2000 with no talent at all, Starlight transformed me into the complete opposite of that over the past 7 years. I owe any future success as an actor to Starlight Productions. For the parents out there, I STRONGLY reccomend that you sign your son or daughter up with Starlight! I guarantee that it will be the best experience of their youth!!! :D
--To all of you who make Starlight what it is, and who bring all the magic of performing arts to life, I'm so proud to know you all, and I love each and everyone of you! And to Ms. Nancy, whom is the reason Starlight exists "I will always love you like a Mom, and thank you for all of the joy you've brought to my life!" God Bless.

Name: Jessica Thomas
Comment:Starlight Productions has helped me not only with dancing but with acting too. My dancing was terrible before I came to Starlight and now it has gotten way better. I have been in three shows and currently auditioning for Seussical the Musical. I was in Joseph, The Wizard of Oz, and Beauty and the Beast. In the Wizard of Oz I got Dorothy u/s and the reason why I got the understudy is because my dancing need help so Ms. Tiffany gave me private lessons for I could learn the dances I don't know if any other theater companies would do that for any of their students. Also during The Wizard of Oz even though I was an u/s. So I want say thank you Starlight for everything!

Name: Sarah Brown
Comment: For a little over two years now I have been part of the Starlight family. As I have learned, Starlight is an encouraging performing arts family that is always a great way to make new friends and have a great experience. A lot of my good friends were made at Starlight that can last a lifetime. If you don't get the part you want at first, there is always a way to improve at Starlight. FUN is the word for Starlight!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! I love Starlight!

Name: Chase Stager
Comment: I think starlight is the best and everyone is so friendly. This is my first production with starlight and it is so much fun and a wonderful learninig experience.

Name: Brianna Ricci
Comment: StarLight is the best! They are SOOOOOO kind/fun compared to other companys I've been with. The experience is WONDERFUL! I recommend StarLight to everyone!

Name: Kirsten Aanderud
Comment: I am truly blessed to part of the StarLight family! Before I came to StarLight I was really shy, because I had just moved here. But somehow the staff (especially Summer =D) brought out the best in me! They have given me a new passion for theatre! and I would like to thank the entire staff for doing so. Even when I don't get the part I want, it makes me want to try that much harder the next time. StarLight is an AMAZING company with FANTASTIC people! It doesn't get better than that!

Name: Katie Parkinson
Comment: Starlight is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I have learned so much from what I have experienced. I've had a couple tears but I had a lot more fun!!!!!! I have learned that even if you don't get the part you want, the times you come up short make the successes that much sweeter. So never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give a big, giant, huge shoutout to all the staff!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Name: Sarah Kovar
Comment: I've been with starlight for almost 5 years now! They've always been my home away from home. I've grown up so much through there love and guidance, not only in trying to perfect my art, but also just in growing up. Starlight has given me not only something to look forword to every week, but for life. I've grown to love acting and singing and dancing more and more with each day. I want to thank Ms. Nancy and everyone who makes Starlight what it is today, you are truely a blessing in my life and in numerous others.

Name: Regan Smithweiss
Comment: Wow. I have only been with StarLight for not even a year and i cant get enough of it. It is the most fun I have ever had with musical theatre. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I REALLY want to thank all of the staff and I want to thank my best friend, Jessica P. for introducing me to StarLight. Im looking foward to all the other productions, whether i will be the one preforming, of someone in the audience.
I love StarLight!

Name: David Mitrano
Comment: STARLIGHT ROCKS!!!!!! The people are kind and they are not clicky unlike other groups I've been with!! I would say try starlight you wont be sorry.

Name: Sophie Truscott
Comment: I have had such an amazing time at StarLight. I've been with StarLight with not even one year, but I have already learned so much and made many great friends. I think anyone interested in musical theatre, whether you're a beginner or an advanced performer, would love StarLight. The main stage productions are awesome, but I also love the classes- you can take Audition Workshop, BlackBox Performance, Voice, Dance, and tons of other exciting classes. I want to thank everyone at StarLight for bringing nothing but sunshine into my life since I've started!

Name: Jazzmin Gomez
Comment: StarLight is one of the most amazing things I have been involved in. No matter how many things I have done in my life, I never been so comfortable with anything else. StarLight is a family to me. Ms. Nancy (My mom) has such a wonderful mind and I love her so much for having this dream and following it. She always says..."Where there's a will there's a way!" I never use to believe in those sort of things but now I know you can do anything you put your mind to. Ms. Nancy is someone that will help anyone she can and has nothing but love for everyone. Her dream is to help kids and make them happy. For her it's not the money, but the joy on the kid's faces when they get up on stage. Anyways, StarLight is a great place to be involved in and I can say that I am one of the luckiest people to have the owner of StarLight as my mom. I love you Mom!

Name: Shelby Stogryn
Comment: Starlight Productions is the greatest youth theatre company ever! It's so fun, and everybody gets to be a part of it. The productions are great and I got to meet so many new people. The classes are so helpful, and I know so much more about acting then before. I hope to be with Starlight for a long time. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to be with them.

Name: Megan Tillung
Comment: I loved being in the minnie production of Guys and Dolls......It was sooooo fun. My favorite part was meeting all the new people.......I had a really hard time leaving them all....*sniff * was so much fun i am so doing it again......c u guys later!!! Love Ya!!

Name: Kailey Morales

Name: Slater Garcia
Comment: Starlight people... YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROS!!!! Greatest thing about Starlight; you make great friends and get to be part of quality shows. DO IT TO IT, LIKE PRUITT USED TO DO IT TO IT!

Name: Estefania Freire

Name: Chase Stager
Comment: I love you guy's sooooooooooooooo much and can't believe i ever did anything other than starlight. Peace :) <3

Name: Amanda Johnson
Comment: Omg! Starlight is such a great production company! I have had so much fun doing musicals for about a 2 years! I don't know where i'd be without it! I want to thank SarahBrown for inspiring me to join! haha I LOVE STARLIGHT<33

Name: Jason Liebson
Comment: I came to StarLight Express as a member only about a month ago. I thought I was going to be the odd one out. I was so wrong. The students accepted me like family. Joining the StarLight family was one of the best decisions of my dance career. I highly suggest it to anyone who wants to perform.

Name: Hannah James
Comment: I have been doing Starlight shows for over two years now, and it has been nothing but fun. At first, acting was just a dream and I never imagined getting up on the stage like other people i knew. In this last show, I surprised myself by working hard and earining a lead role, but also enjoying myself in the process. Starlight is a dream come true. I love you guys....especially Ms. Erin, Ms. Tiffany, and Mrs. Nancy!

Name: Kim Argento
Comment: Starlight is such a wonderful place for our children to express themselves in a positive way! And the staff is fantastic they are not only talented but they give each child the time and respect and confidence to reach for the stars! Ms Nancy, Ms Erin, Ms Tiffany, Ms Nichole and Ms Jen Thank you for everything you have done for my children you are the best!!!

Name: Jillian Anderson
Comment: The people in starlight are my second family. They help me improve in everything and are always there for me. I've only done two plays but I will for sure do a lot more. I LOVE STARLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Hayley Podell
Comment: HI y'all. i Have not been with starlight for very long but i already love it and they are the only productions i do now. Scince acting is pretty much my life i have been in three of starlights productions in the past year and this year. I am a total part of starlights family and everyone is. I love starlight........i mean everyone should sooooooooooooo. ROCK ON STARLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Sasha Truscott
Comment: I love being with the Starlight family! I have been in many black boxes and a few full on productions! I love hanging with my friends when we go to practice! Starlight is a wonderful thing to do! I LOVE YOU STARLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE!

Name: Jorrel Javier
Comment: I just want to say that starlight is really awesome. Like when i first arrived there everyone was soo friendly to me since i did not know anyone besides Emilia. ive only been in two plays and they were the bomb! i've seen my voice transform and become better and stronger. let's face it , i may not be the best but starlight made me a heck of a lot better that i was before. and i just want to encurage everyone to do it... YOU'LL LOVE IT IM SURE! ahahahah

Name: Natalia Herrera
Comment: Starlight, All Shook Up is the best theatre group thing I have ever been in!!! You've opened up so many wonderful tips and dances, that all I can say is "Thanks".

Name: Alicia
Comment:Hello everyone, this is Alicia, sofi's mom. This is our first time with starlight and so far am certain it won't be our last. Like Stephanie told me the other day, we all came to this place for one reason or another, but we all have one reason in common and that is "for the love of our children" and the desire to always seek the best for them. With that in mind, I wanted to share with all of you that this program has worked wonders for sofi's social and emotional well being. She has blossomed and most importantly she wants to do it again. I am certain that sofi's growth is primarily due to the genuine warm and welcoming feeling the starlight team offers to every one of our kids. Keep up the good work Ms Nancy, Ms. Jazzy and Ms. Estefania and thanks for sharing so much of your love and talent with our beautiful children and making everyone of them feel like shining stars...

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